Today’s Headlines

  • Waco Long Range Transpo Plan Emphasizes Transit, Walking, Biking… And Widening I-35 (WacoTrib)
  • Metro to Try Out Flex Zone Door-to-Door Service in Acres Homes Area (Houston Chron)
  • San Antonio VIA Adding Bike Lids at Bus Stations (Texas Public Radio)
  • Calgary Not Into Being Called “Houston of Canada,” Thinks It’s Doing Complete Streets Better (Next City)
  • Houston Updating Its Master Bike Plan for First Time in 20 years — With Video! (PBS Newshour)
  • Texas High-Speed Rail Plans Could Be Getting a Little French (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
  • …or Totally Crazy, If Elon Musk Tests His Hyper Loop in Texas (KXAN)
  • Austin May Add $150M Toll Road to Cut Time From Existing Sprawl Toll Road to Airport by 15% (KXAN)
  • 22-Year-Old University of Houston Student Dies in Late Night Car Wreck in Katy Area (Houston Chron)