Today’s Headlines

  • Harris County Commissioner Partners With City to Build Sidewalks Around Schools, Better Roads (Chron)
  • Today at Noon: How Houston Can Get to 1 Million Daily Transit Riders (Houston Tomorrow)
  • Later Today: A People’s History of Recent Urban Transportation Innovation with TransitCenter and Kinder
  • Resolution to Abolish Parking Requirements Proposed at TX Republican Convention Senate District 15 (@photzarelli)
  • Distracted Driver Caused Crash That Killed 3 Teenage Girls From Bellaire (Houston Chronicle)
  • Driver Runs Over 4-Year-Old Boy Outside Daycare Center (Houston Chronicle)
  • Another Report That Says Traffic Is Bad in Houston? Here It Is (Chron)
  • New Signal, Restriping to Give Bus Priority at Lavaca & MLK in Austin (Statesman)
  • Dallas City Council Stands Up to Lies About Trinity Parkway Boondoggle, Calls for Public Input (Observer)
  • Weston Urban Wins $3M County Incentive to Build Tower & Part of San Pedro Creek Linear Park (Rivard)

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