Today’s Headlines

  • Jeffrey Bridgman

    The Google Streetview link for the worst bus stop in Houston might be wrong. I see bus shelter with a bench, a trash can, and a sign detailing what routes stop there and paved curb area. That’s actually pretty good for most of America 😉

  • Jeffrey – You’re right that the shelter itself is okay, but it is the context of that stop that is a problem, which I couldn’t really get into in a headline. That stop is the main bus stop for the Debakey VA Medical Center. If you get off the bus there – and let’s assume you’re disabled – you would have to use the hike and bike trail to make your way back 200 feet to that intersection that does not have a very friendly pedestrian crossing itself and then you’d have to make your way past the little parking crater to actually reach the VA building. All that distance without consideration of actually making it accessible can add up in a wheelchair. So that’s my thinking there. It kinda gets bonus points for being such a nice shelter in the wrong place.

  • What Makes a good bus stop isn’t a shelter, a good sidewalk or just fewer of them. What makes a good bus Stop is LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION. A good bus stop is located next to a grocery store, connecting bus stops are located with in a 100 ft of each other. That’s what the Houston Chronicle story failed to get. And it’s what VIA here in San Antonio fail to get here in San Antonio.
    Yes a good bus stop should have a good shelter that keeps shade over the seats, that it has a great Sidewalk, and if you check out my Instagram feed This ain’t the worst bus stop, but it’s pretty close.