Today’s Headlines

  • Could Dallas Switch to Taxing Parking Spaces to Pay for Transit? (D Magazine)
  • Disabled and Elderly Sub-Urban Houstonians Left Waiting for Transit Service (Houston Chron)
  • Urban Houston Getting Younger Faster Than Rest of Nation (CultureMap Houston)
  • Austin Council Conducts Strange Hippie Rite, Debates Something Called “Zoning” (Austin On Your Feet)
  • Investment in South Dallas Q&A Fails to Mention Location Efficient Mortgages, Urbanism (Morning News)
  • Mayors of Ten Largest Texas Cities Unite to Oppose Property Tax Cap (Austin American Statesman)
  • Houston Metro’s Two New Light Rail Lines Should Be Running in Late April (Dug Begley)
  • …Central Station Main Opens Wednesday, Will Connect Three Lines (Metro)
  • Abbott State of the State Video: “Money Raised On Roads Should Be Spent On Roads” (Quorum Report)

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