Today’s Headlines

  • Montgomery County Asks Voters for $350M in Debt for Roads for More Traffic (Woodlands Villager)
  • Houston’s System Reimagining Was Not Easy, But Every Transit Agency Should Do It (Human Transit)
  • TXDOT Refinances $2.8 Billion North Texas Toll Debt, Will Save $380 Million (Austin American-Statesman)
  • US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx Supports Walkable DFW (D Magazine)
  • Report: Historic Preservation Key to 2020 Vision, Smart Growth, and Quality of Life (Nowcast San Antonio)
  • Potential #Sneckdown Opportunities All Across North Texas This Wednesday (Morning News)
  • Texas Dominates Top Ten List of Economic Segregation in Metros — Austin #1 (Houston Chron)
  • Houston Bicycle Museum Opens Doors at Temporary Museum District Location (Houstonia)

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