Today’s Headlines

  • Texas Senate GOP: 500 Miles of New Highway Lanes Required for Economy to Continue to Grow
  • 2,606 Sign Anti-Sprawl Road Petition in One Week, 75% of Online Poll Respondents Oppose Sprawl Road
  • …One Woodlands Township Board Member Opposes, Another Supports New Roads Subsidizing Sprawl
  • San Antonio Coordinating Mobility, City Comprehensive, and MPO Sustainability Plans at SATomorrow
  • 2 to 6 Million Gallons of Extremely Volatile Crude Oil Travel Harris County by Train Weekly (Houston Chron)
  • Austin DWI Crashes Down 23% in 2014, Changing Previous Upward Trend (KVUE)
  • Houston’s Uptown District Zeroing in on Site for $26 Million BRT Transit Center (Houston Chron)
  • Looser Uber Rules Heading to San Antonio City Council This Week, No Longer Require English (WOAI)

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