Today’s Headlines

  • Lege Reaches Deal to Ask Voters to Constitutionally Require Future Spending on Roads (Statesman)
  • Did Sprawl Worsen Monday’s Disaster, Putting More of Us in Harm’s Way? (New York Times)
  • Could Texas Have Planned More and Invested in Infrastructure to Prevent Flooding Losses? (CityLab)
  • San Antonio Looking to Highline-ize San Pedro Creek, Prioritize Walkable Connectivity (Rivard Report)
  • Dallas Needs to Replace $290 Million Worth of Obsolete Traffic Signals (Morning News)
  • Morning News Focuses on ~6,000 New Residents of Prosper, Not ~88,000 of Dallas
  • Estimated 162 Billion Gallons of Water Fell From the Sky Monday Night in Harris County (Houston Chron)
  • Bill Will Force DART to Post Video of Meetings Online. METRO. CapMetro. VIA. (Morning News)

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