Today’s Headlines

  • Is Flood Insurance “Socialism,” and How Many Poor Decisions Did It Cause in Texas? (Texas Observer)
  • …Is This Socialism Required for West End Galveston Beach Houses to Exist? (Swamplot)
  • Downtown Dallas Box From 1910 to Have Apartments and a Hotel (Morning News)
  • Texas Scared of Equitable, Market-Based Transportation Funding, Insisting on Socialism (Texas Observer)
  • Historic Preservation Task Force Recommendations Received Well by Dallas Council (Morning News)
  • South Mopac Express Lanes Still in CAMPO Plan, But Alternatives to Be Considered (Austin Monitor)
  • Austin Planning Commission Thinks Density Causes Traffic, Denies East Austin Hotel; Hint: MXD
  • Tory Gattis Will Explain How Houston “Upward Social Mobility” Better Than Smart Growth, New Urbanism
  • Houston Will Accept Fee to Fast-Track Development Review (Houston Chron)

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