Today’s Headlines

  • Austin Police Have Been Issuing “Don’t Block the Box” Tickets for Blocking Crosswalks Too (Reddit)
  • Sprawl Causes Traffic, Drains Budgets, But Gets City Planning Approval (Houston Business Journal)
  • TXDOT Contractor — Also Working on Houston’s 290 — Stops Work on I-10 in El Paso (El Paso Times)
  • Texas Triangle Megaregion Featured in UCLA Report on Potential for Hyperloop (Houston Chron)
  • Massive Spending on Freeway Capacity Encourages People to Drive Long Distances (Houston Chron)
  • Anti-Light Rail Activists Sue Houston Metro Because Uptown BRT Plan Is Not Rail (Houston Chron)
  • Austin Now Has Council Members With a Mix of Incomes (Austin Bulldog)

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