Today’s Headlines

  • Allen Residents Protest Proposal to Fatten Alma Dr. from 4 to 6 Lanes, Want Slow Speed (Morning News)
  • WCWDB2022 Tonight: Sam Lott on Houston’s Impending Transportation Crisis, Free, RSVP
  • $1.2M Sought in Lawsuit Against Man Who Drove Car Into Pedestrian in Parking Lot (SETexasRecord)
  • Luis Arriaza, 48, Dies a Week After Being Struck Mid-Block by SUV Driver in Austin (Statesman)
  • Ft. Worth Bike Lane Progress Marred by Inconsistency, Unconnectedness (Fort Worth Weekly)
  • Dallas Developers Don’t Want to Move too Fast on Affordable Housing Policies (Dallas Observer)

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  • Flakker

    Re: Sam Lott: Ooh, ooh, I know what we can do! Suddenly become a “region” when it’s time to spend money and bail out the northern suburbanites from their own terrible decisions!

    It’s hugely discrediting to Houston Tomorrow to have this guy taken seriously, much less invited to speak. His plans will directly lead to more sprawl and are entirely based on defending the privileges of suburbanites who have always gotten their way in every conflict since the Kingwood annexation.