Today’s Headlines

  • Todd Litman Critiques Houston’s Center for Opportunity Urbanism Report (Planetizen)
  • For 3rd Time, Montgomery County Seeks Road Only Bond — Unclear What Lord Wants (Houston Chron)
  • City of Austin Suing Texas Appraisal System, Says Commercial Undervalued, Appeals Unfair (Statesman)
  • Fort Worth Promise of Better Bus Instead of Rail Hasn’t Materialized in Five Years (CityLab)
  • San Antonio Signed Agreement With Lyft, Willing to Work With Other Ride Hailing Services (Fox29)
  • North Central TX COG Spending $4.5M on HSR Station Studies, But Project Remains Private (NBCDFW)
  • It Is Time Again in Texas to Be Concerned With Dangerous Driving Near Schools
  • …As UT – Austin Prepares for 7,500 Possibly Drunk Freshmen Students (USA Today)

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  • Flakker

    We all know Tory Gattis is not a serious thinker on anything, right? At least New Geography people attempt to harness actual interesting data to advance their point of view; we’re talking about a guy who thought that the Galleria was a “pedestrian mall” because cars weren’t barreling up escalators, and posted the “actually, pedestrians produce more fossil fuels than Hummer drivers” epic troll study, which even Randall O’Toole called ridiculous. His entire schtick is making motorist city elites feel better.