Today’s Headlines

  • Todd Litman Critiques Houston’s Center for Opportunity Urbanism Report (Planetizen)
  • For 3rd Time, Montgomery County Seeks Road Only Bond — Unclear What Lord Wants (Houston Chron)
  • City of Austin Suing Texas Appraisal System, Says Commercial Undervalued, Appeals Unfair (Statesman)
  • Fort Worth Promise of Better Bus Instead of Rail Hasn’t Materialized in Five Years (CityLab)
  • San Antonio Signed Agreement With Lyft, Willing to Work With Other Ride Hailing Services (Fox29)
  • North Central TX COG Spending $4.5M on HSR Station Studies, But Project Remains Private (NBCDFW)
  • It Is Time Again in Texas to Be Concerned With Dangerous Driving Near Schools
  • …As UT – Austin Prepares for 7,500 Possibly Drunk Freshmen Students (USA Today)

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