Today’s Headlines

  • Rail~Volution Comes to Dallas This Week (Morning News)
  • Dallas to Subsidize Move of a Concrete Plant Away From Mixed Use District (Morning News)
  • Do the Feds Really Object to Dallas Designing Trinity Roadway for Slow Speeds? (Morning News)
  • Why Ignore Transit Access, Multifamily in Affordable Housing Discussions? (Morning News)
  • Unsafe Streets, Excessive Driving Cause People Walking, Riding Bikes to Live in Fear (Morning News)
  • Cheap Gas and Lack of VMT Tax Help Cause Traffic in Texas Cities (Austin American Statesman)
  • Chairman Joe Pickett Glad Prop 7 Will Remove Decision Making From Lege (Waco Tribune)
  • Unattributed Editorial Argues That Texas Taxes Will Have to Rise Even if Prop 7 Passes (Midland R-T)

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