Today’s Headlines

  • Study Proposes Bringing Back AMTRAK Service Connecting Houston to Orlando (Lagniappe Weekly)
  • Over 65,000 Austinites Sign Petition to Remove Ride-hailing Restrictions (MyStatesman)
  • Dallas Habitat Building Neighborhoods, Not Just Houses, But With Single-Family Houses (Morning News)
  • Mueller Neighborhood Association Asks City, Metro to Maximize Density  (Austin Chron)
  • Online Meeting on TXDOT Unified Transportation Plan: Ask Them to Dedicate Prop 7 to Complete Streets
  • USPIRG “Highway Boondoggles 2” Report Highlights Houston’s I-10 Katy Freeway as Bad Policy
  • Travis County Trying to Bring Diversity, Non-Real Estate Interest POV to CTRMA Board (Austin Monitor)
  • Up to 70 Apartment Buildings Halted in Houston From Oil Slump (BizJournals)
  • …While 3,000 Units Being Added to Downtown (Houston Chron)

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