Today’s Headlines

  • Sign the Petition to Put Houston’s Bike Plan Into Action
  • Coalition Files Suit Against South MoPac Toll Project, to Force Environmental Impact Study (SOS Alliance)
  • TXDOT Asks Public For Better Ideas than Blowing Money on Unnecessary Roads
  • “Houston, We Got This”: Turner Says Pothole Partnerships, Process Will Tackle Other Issues (Chron)
  • Austin Student Housing Co-op Asks for Help With Parking Variance Since No One Wants to Drive
  • TXDOT Approves Temporary Toll Lanes, Seeks $1.4B for Disastrous Highway Expansion (Morning News)
  • Austin Weighs Options for Funding Sidewalks, Bike Facilities (Community Impact)
  • Demand-Priced Toll Lanes One Solution for Freight Movement (Morning News)

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