Today’s Headlines

  • TXDOT Has a New Mission & Vision — No Explicit Vision Zero or Mention of Modes, Calls Us “Customers”
  • TTC Approves Temporary Conversion of HOV to HOT Lane in Dallas (Morning News)
  • Dude Who Evicted Jumpoline Creates Company to Bust People Using AirBnB (AustinInno)
  • Is San Antonio VIA’s Pearl, Southtown, Museum Bus Route Proposal Good or Bad? (Express-News)
  • Almost 75% 0f Texans Want to Ban Driving While Using Handheld Devices; 87% Want Txt Ban (TTI)
  • Some Think Keeping 3 Houses on One Side of Street More Important Than Urbanism (Towers, Monitor)
  • School Bus Driver / Mayor Succeeds at Getting Handheld Device Ban for Lake Dallas (LakeCitiesSun)
  • D Magazine Says Dallas City Manager Gonzalez Needs to Go; Some Question the Whole Institution

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  • Flakker

    Good lord, Dallas. This is Cleveland-level mismanagement. Dallas should just copy Houston’s governance system and move from that point. It’s not perfect but it cuts the fat, at least.