Today’s Headlines

  • TxDOT‘s Conceptual Aerial Video of Austin’s I-35 Capped With Parks
  • Austin Launches “Affordable Parking” for Downtown Workers & Raises Street Meter Rates (Monitor)
  • Barricades & Personnel to Block Dangerous Underpasses During¬†Flooding Events (Chron)
  • More Houstonians Want to Live by Parks and Trails Than Ever Before (HBJ)
  • Oak Forest Area Revives Petition for 34th Street Quiet Zone (Leader)
  • How Often Do METRO Board Members Ride Transit? Look at Their Q-Card Records (Chron)
  • Is Historic Landmark Zoning the Ultimate Tool of Segregation and¬†Gentrification? (ATXurbanists)
  • Dallas Hopes Giant Ped Bridge to Nowhere Will Spark Transit-Oriented Development (DallasNews)
  • Hit-and-Run,¬†Red-Light Running Driver Kills Film Writer Where Ped Bridge Should Be (DallasNews)

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