Today’s Headlines

  • Drunk Driver Chased By Police Kills Houston Student on Prom Date (Chron)
  • UTSA Architecture Imagines Sky Transit & 1000 Parks for Broadway Ave Makeover (MySA)
  • Lakeshore Blvd Gets Road Diet and 2-Way Protected Bike Lanes in Austin (via @kdaacon)
  • Kingston & Griggs Defend Oak Cliff Streetcar Against Criticisms of Utility & Cost (Observer)
  • Dallas Gives Costco Unnecessary $3M Incentive to Pave Over North Dallas (Observer)
  • Harwood Center Enters Competition Over Who Can Bring Most Congestion to DT Dallas (DMN)
  • Sign This Petition to Bring Rainbow Crosswalks to Austin (
  • What are They Using to Quantify ‘Charm’ in This Map of Houston Neighborhoods? (Rentlingo)
  • Walkable Spaces Tops the List for ’13 Ideas Houston Should Steal From Other Places’ (Chron)
  • Street Brawl Erupts After Trucker Won’t Let Car Driver Merge Onto Highway in Houston (Chron)

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