Today’s Headlines

  • Turner’s “Paradigm Shift” Includes Regional BRT, TOD, Flexible Funding (HoustonTomorrow)
  • People Who Spend Time by Highways Incur Significant Health Risks From Micro-Particles (Observer)
  • Women Walk to Reclaim Public Space in Houston and Beyond (Texas Monthly)
  • SA Tomorrow Briefs City Council on All Three Draft Plans Today at 2 p.m.
  • Houston Micro-Units Most Popular Option for Veritas Equity Management’s Residents (HBJ)
  • Tonight: Janette Sadik-Khan Talks Transpo Revolution at Free Kinder Institute Forum
  • Also Tonight: Houston’s New Flood Czar Talks Water & Development at Houston Green Film Series
  • Invasive Trees Get Replaced With Live Oaks on Houston Montrose Esplanades (Chronicle)

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