Today’s Headlines

  • Austin Transit Advocates Seek Bond Election for the Good Light Rail Plan in November (Statesman)
  • Anti-Rail Transit TPPF Board Members Electioneering Against Republican House Leaders (Quorum)
  • Does the Buck Stop Anywhere in Dallas City Manager/Weak Mayor System? (Morning News)
  • TXDOT Signs I-10 Charter With NM, CA, AZ. Does It mean Truck/Auto Separation in Houston? (@ArizonaDOT)
  • SA Mayor Taylor Opposes Larger Affordable Housing Bond in Favor of Streets & Drainage (Express News)
  • Will Funding for Austin’s New Office of Equity Include Assessment of Transportation Equity? (NextCity)
  • Five Houston Region Business Groups Express Support for Houston to Dallas High Speed Rail (TXCentral)
  • Help Crowdfund Your Headline Writer’s Research into Equity, Texas MPOs, and Transportation Spending

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