Today’s Headlines

  • Eight Organizations Urge Austin to Meet January 2017 Target for Form-Based Code (Monitor)
  • Austin “Environmental” Commission Opposes Density of Jobs and Retail Development (TWCNews)
  • People Crashing Cars Into Cows Is a Thing With the Ag Land-Destroying Grand Porkway (CW39)
  • The Power of Transit 2016: Advancing Regional Coordination, June 22 at H-GAC & Online
  • Austin Council Passes Amazing South Central Waterfront Plan, Adds More Affordable (Zakcq Lockrem)
  • Final Draft of Bike Plan Will Be Presented to TTI Committee Monday, Head for Vote (Houston Planning)
  • People Who Chose to Live Outside Cities & Avoid Taxes Are Mad About Lack of Services (Houston Chron)
  • Uber Succeeds at Lobbying House Transpo Chair Pickett to Potentially Overrule Cities (El Paso Times)
  • San Antonio Focuses Affordable Housing Efforts Into More Location Efficient Areas (Express News)

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