Today’s Headlines

  • Commission Removes Judge Doyal From Duties for Secret Holy Road Bond Talks (Houston Chron)
  • Doyal, Chris Charlie Riley – Both Indicted – Still Listed as Members of HGAC Transportation Policy Council
  • 1950s Critics Correct in Opposing the Interstate Highway System as a Form of Socialism (Houston Chron)
  • Mark Tirpak: Car-Centric Breckenridge Parks Plan Should Refocus on Ped, Bike, & Access (NowCastSA)
  • Only Men in Picture of TTC Workshop on $38.3B Unified Transportation Plan (TXDOT)
  • Texas Department of Highways Says Unified Transportation Plan Is About Roads (TXDOT)
  • Deadline for Comments on the Unified Transportation Plan — August 22 (TXDOT)
  • Texas Central Gets Federal Protective Order to Keep Confidential Data on HSR (Surface Transpo Board)
  • Proposed Fort Worth TEX Rail Commuter Train Project Gets Federal Letter of No Prejudice (Star-Telegram)

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