Today’s Headlines

  • Bike Around the Bay for 176.4 Miles on October 15 & 16 to Support the Galveston Bay Foundation
  • Fort Worth Council Adopts Simple Registration – No Fingerprints – for TNC (KHOU)
  • Express News: Replace LSTAR With Something That Will Actually Get SA – AUS Passenger Rail
  • More Apartments Under Construction – 50,000 – in DFW Than Anywhere Else in Nation (Morning News
  • Dallas Residents Pushing for CityMAP to Actually Undo Destructive Effects of Highways (Morning News)
  • San Antonio Council Passes Ordinance to Protect School Buses with Traffic Cameras (Texas Public Radio)
  • Will Texas Law Trip Up America’s Best Chance at High Speed Rail? (Slate)
  • Could Nonprofit Ride Austin Become a National Model for TNC? (GovTech)
  • Ride Austin Currently at 200 Rides a Day (Dan Keshet)

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