Today’s Headlines

  • Houston Asking DC for Support for Transportation Projects Not Aimed Mainly at Cars (Houston Chron)
  • Houston City Council Member Robinson Calls for Modern Street Design Guidelines (Houston Chron)
  • Dump Truck Driver Hits Low Bridge, Then Falling Debris Kill 12-Year-Old Girl in Car (KHOU)
  • Ped Adv Council Wants More Bond to Sidewalks, Vision Zero, and All Projects for Safety (City of Austin)
  • Lex Frieden, Co-Author of ADA, Metro Board Member, Trapped by (Lack of) Houston Sidewalk Policy
  • Baton Rouge PD Using Cars as Weapons to Threaten BlackLivesMatters Protestors (Brietbart)
  • Reason Argues for a More Dense, Walkable, Transit Accessible Texas — So HSR Works (Star-Telegram)

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