Today’s Headlines

  • Erratic Hit-and-Run Driver┬áKilled 20 Year Old Man Last Night in Manor (KXAN)
  • Kyle Workman, Leader of Texas Anti-HSR, Pretending Texas Is Not an Urban State (Bloomberg)
  • Anti-HSR Groups Will Make Blocking Texas Central an Issue for Third Consecutive Session (Tribune)
  • Pedestrian Connection at Mockingbird Station Prioritized Thanks to NCTCOG Ped Counts (Morning News)
  • San Antonio’s $850M Bond Will┬áBe Based On Extensive Public Process, Unlike Austin (Express News)
  • Indicted Judge Doyal Appealing Suspension While Still Listed as Member of H-GAC TPC (Houston Chron)
  • Capital Metro to Increase Frequency, Add Stations and More Buses to MetroRapid (Community Impact)
  • DFW Now Having Meaningful Debate About Prioritization of Urban or Sub-urban Transit (Morning News)
  • Gondola Proposal Requires Staffing Each Station – at Least 23 Staff (>$1M/Year) for 1 Route (CTRMA)
  • Capital Metro App Upgrades Actually Look Pretty Good

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