Today’s Headlines

  • Houston’s First Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income Transit-Oriented Development Leads the Way (Offcite)
  • H-GAC Head Guy Not Sure If UTP Means $3 Billion, $4 Billion, or $5 Billion for Houston Roads (Houston Public Media)
  • Four Years Into Imagine Austin, City Continues Haphazard, Parochial Planning by Pitchfork (Monitor)
  • “Liberty Caucus” Believes 476 Texans Should Die Every Year for Freedom to Drive While Txting (Texomas)
  • House Transportation Chair Joe Pickett Lovingly Speaks of Freeway: “We Have a Beautiful Lane” (KVIA)
  • State Auditor Finds TXDOT’s Oversight Not Adequate for $8B of Design-Build Roads (Houston Chron)
  • TXDOT Believes We Should Put the Burden for Street Safety on Parents and Children (TXDOT)
  • What Could Go Wrong Investing Billions in Roads That Require Wasteful Lifestyles to See Return? (ENR)
  • Denton and Fort Worth Investing Half a Million a Year in 90-Minute Intercity Express Bus (DentonRC)

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