Today’s Headlines

  • Unincorporated Resident Opposition to Annexation Depends Upon County Subsidy of Sprawl (Rivard)
  • Gene Locke Continues Innovative “County Spending Transpo Funds in City” Concept (Houston Chron)
  • TXLege Committee Hears From TTI on TNC Regulations in Other States (KUT, TTI)
  • Houston Budget on Rebuilding Streets Should Double in Five Years (Your Houston News)
  • Aesthetic Preference Limiting Market, Public Investment in Urban Downtown Austin (Monitor)
  • Harris, TXDOT, H-GAC Using CMAW Funds for Targeted Intersection Upgrades (Community Impact)
  • Houston Planning Commission Will Set Up Code to Allow Bike Plan Tomorrow (Houston Planning)
  • Texas Cities Like San Antonio Continue Investing Local Funds in Hike and Bike Trails (Virtual BX)
  • Houston Area Governments, Entities Can Apply for H-GAC Pedestrian/Bicycle Implementation Studies