Today’s Headlines

  • Governor Abbott Says Something About High Speed Rail, Thinks Robo-Cars Are Future (Tribune)
  • Can Mixed-Use, Transit-Oriented Redevelopment Not Price Out Existing Folks? (Houston Chron)
  • HGAC Federal Clean Air Funds Drive Kids to School in Cleaner Buses (Your Houston News)
  • El Paso Drivers Pissed Off at Inconvenience of Police Cleaning Up Deadly Bus Crash (KVIA)
  • TXDOT Trying to Recoup Costs From Truck Driver for Rebuilding Bridge He Hit (Houston Chron)
  • $743M 183 Expansion Has Capacity for 3 Times as Much Traffic (Construction Equipment Guide)
  • “Construction Will Mean Headaches” Along I-35 in Austin (Community Impact)

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