Today’s Headlines

  • Senator Brandon Creighton Votes for Sprawl MUDs for Firm Where He Is Exec VP (Houston Chron)
  • Rep Cecil Bell Landed $2.4M Contracts Off Sprawl MUDs, Which He Supports in Lege (Houston Chron)
  • Fort Worth Councilwoman Ann Zadeh Pushing for Safe Neighborhood Streets Bill (Star-Telegram)
  • Induced Traffic Is Eliminating the “Miracle” of Opening Shoulders on SH161, as Expected (Observer)
  • Bills Filed in #TXLege to Remove Local Ability to Save Lives With Red Light Cameras (Morning News)
  • Senator Robert Nichols Contradicts TXDOT Sunset Report Ahead of Dec 8 & 9 Hearing (Houston Chron)
  • Half of the $3 Million Scammed From El Paso Streetcar Project Has Been Recovered (El Paso Times)
  • Texas Lawmakers Find Trump Toll-Based Road Spending Plan “a Little Scary” (Tribune)
  • Houston Metro Running Test on Zero Emissions, All Electric Bus for 90 Days (Defender)

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