Today’s Headlines

  • TXDOT Responds to Legislators’ Questions About High-Speed Rail (Tribune)
  • AECOM Develops Texas L Hyperloop Proposal: HOU – SA – ATX – DFW (Houston Chron)
  • Here’s How Austin Taskforce Wants to Address Institutional Racism (KUT)
  • National Transportation Safety Board Finishes On-Site Investigation of Church Bus Crash (TPR)
  • Margarita Victoria Tobon Arrested for Hitting 7-Year-Old on Bike and Driving Away (Lubbock Online)
  • Ghost Bike Memorial Placed on Main Street for Rice Professor Marjorie Corcoran (Houston Chron)
  • Hmmm… UT Police Department Stepping Up Bike Enforcement to Protect Pedestrians (Daily Texan)
  • Extreme Open Streets: Bike Portion of Ironman Race May Be On Hardy Toll Road (Houston Chron)

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