Today’s Headlines

  • Every New DART Board Member Is Prioritizing Bus System Reimagining (Dallas Observer)
  • Missing: A Morally Defensible Case for Restricting Residents Per Parcel in Austin (Car Free Austin)
  • Nobody at #TXLege Wants to File Abbott’s Bill to Force Cities to Increase Distracted Driving Deaths (Tribune)
  • Gary Hatfield, 71, Killed Trying to Walk Across Unwalkable I-30 in Sulphur Springs (MySSNews)
  • In the Uber/Lyft Dominated Future, Should Austin’s Nonprofit Ride-Hailing Convert to a Coop? (Jesse Basham)
  • San Antonio City Council Considering Transportation Fee, Like Austin’s (Express News)
  • ICYMI: Austin’s Capital Metro Has Already Won the July 4th Photoshop Marketing Contest

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