Today’s Headlines

  • Houston Is the Example of How Letting Bigots Block Low-Income Housing Is Bad Policy (NYT)
  • 19 Texas Uber Drivers Sue to Be Considered Employees (Morning News)
  • Morning News Real Estate Editor Hasn’t Read CityMAP & His Favorite Place Has a Walkscore of 16/100
  • Sprawl Welfare Recipients Who Cause Traffic Worry About Others Doing Same (Morning News)
  • Last Night Dallas DOT Claimed They Would Fix a Curb Ramp and a Crosswalk
  • Warning for Texans Hoping for Dem Sweep: In Louisiana, Democrats Love Building Roads Too (The Advocate)
  • People Get Mad When You Question Spending $14.5 Million on Freeway-Adjacent Bike Lanes (Statesman)
  • Driver Crashes After Blowout in Bexar County, Releasing 30 Venomous Snakes (Statesman)

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