Today’s Headlines

  • Texas State Rep Pat Fallon Files HB 250 to Legalize Killing Protestors with Car (@EmilyAMcCann)
  • Rep Joaquin Castro Asks Elon Musk to Build The Texas L Hyperloop First (Washington Examiner)
  • Metro Could Outsource to Harris County Toll Road Authority for Its HOT Lanes (Houston Chron)
  • Houston Chronicle: City’s New Parks Director Should Focus on Making Us More Active
  • News Story About Cell Phone Pole Installed to Block Sidewalk Prompts Public Works to Fix It (KHOU)
  • As Building “Affordable” Single Family Homes Gets Harder, Sprawl Builders Shift to Missing Middle (KUT)
  • Regional Mobility Authority Hosts Podcast With Real Estate Industry on “Affordability” and Growth
  • Podcast: Why Houston Has So Much Parking, Episode Two (Houston Chron)

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