Today’s Headlines

  • Stingy Transit Funding Seen as Limiting Factor for Houston Ridership (Houston Chron)
  • Dropping Off Children at Schools in Cars Is a Horrible, Stupid Mess (Morning News)
  • Will Hurricane Harvey Mean Another Evacuation Traffic Nightmare Like Rita? (Tribune)
  • What Dallas and Houston Teach Us About Widening Freeways: Don’t! (StrongTowns)
  • Dan Keshet’s Zoning Reform Idea: Focus on Exclusionary Areas Based on Land Value (Streets MN)
  • Houston City Council Adds AnotherĀ $12,457,000 for Bayou Greenways Network (Parks Board)
  • Video of Austin Council Members Calling for Urban Form to Combat Sprawl, Inequity (ATXUrbanists)
  • Toll Road Agency Placing Paid Content in Business Journal on “Keeping Austin Green”
  • New DART Board Members Represent Fresh Start for Dallas Transportation (CultureMap)

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