Today’s Headlines

  • Man Dies After Crashing Car Into Ditch on High-Speed TXDOT Feeder Road (Morning News)
  • Houston Metro Has $4.4 Million Available for Your Great Idea for Senior/ADA Access to Transit
  • Houston’s Cigna Sunday Streets Fall #OpenStreets Events Will Not Be Cancelled. #HoustonStrong
  • Capital Metro Expanding Pilot Ride-Hailing Service to Six Days a Week to Connect to Rail Station
  • State of Texas Building Itself Walkable Urban Density With Massive Parking in Austin (Building ATX)
  • Austin Car2Go Switching Entire Smart Car Fleet to Mercedes (BizJournals)
  • Housing Markets Play a Key Role in the Racial Wealth Gap in America (CityLab)
  • Only Five Days Left to Sign Up for BikeHouston Moonlight Ramble and Get T-Shirt
  • Buses, Yes Buses, Are “the Hottest Trend in Transit” (Governing Magazine)

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