Today’s Headlines

  • UT Students Encouraged to Stay Safe as They Increasingly Adopt Safe Mode of Transportation (Daily Texan)
  • City Of Austin Explains Downtown Sidewalk is Accessible Despite Unusual Design (Austin Monitor)
  • Kalob Doyle Kills LaQuinia Hopkins in High-Speed T-Bone Crash (TXK Today)
  • $23 Million Land Bridge Approved in SA, Connecting Hardberger Park over 4 Lane Road (Rivard)
  • 20-Story Hotel with Retail and Office Space Proposed in Downtown San Antonio (Rivard)
  • Two People Killed in Three Vehicle Crash on Williamson County Highway (Statesman)
  • Ethan Couch of “Affluenza” Fame, Who Killed Four People While Driving Drunk, Set for Release (DMag)
  • Interactive Map: See Every Project Vying for Inclusion in CAMPO’s $400 Million Trasnportation Improvement Plan (Community Impact)
  • Survey: Houston-Galveston Area Council Wants Your Input on the Regional Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan (Available in English, Spanish)

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