Today’s Headlines

  • Capital Metro Installing Retrofits to Bus Stops to Give People Shade
  • Collin County Need Not Spend $671m of Taxpayer Funds to Subsidize Sprawl (DMag)
  • Interview, Profile of New CapMetro CEO Randy Clarke (ABJ)
  • San Antonio Drainage Ditch Converted to Public Park (SAExpress)
  • Amtrak Partners With Texas Bullet Train onĀ Dallas-Houston Rail Line
  • LINK Houston Executive Director Asks City Council to Take Action on Traffic Violence
  • OpEd: Houston Lacks a Transportation Safety Culture (HChron)
  • Byron Ashton Killed by Driver At Night While Walking Down Poorly Lit Houston Road (HChron)
  • Austin, May 8: Traffic Jam with CapMetro to Learn About Project Connect

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