Today’s Headlines

  • TXDOT Proposes Downtown Highway Expansion, Contradicting Its Own Dallas CityMAP (DMag)
  • Free Metro Rides From June Through August for K-12 Houston Students!!
  • Dallas, With Longest Light Rail Network in America, Begins Design Work on 2.34 Mile D2 Subway
  • CapMetro Reaching Out to Riders Ahead of June Systemwide Remap (KUT)
  • Arlington Woman Killed Crossing Street, No Crosswalk For Over Half A Mile (Morning News)
  • …Incredible, Google Street View Features a Pedestrian Crossing the Same Seven Lane Street
  • …TXDOT is Working to Address This Specific Issue, Other Safety Measures (See Strategy 2a)
  • Thursday: Austin Transportation Department Hosting a Night of Drinking and Transportation – Take the Bus

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