Today’s Headlines

  • Oped: Houston Needs to Build Safer, Complete Streets, and Needs Safer Drivers (Houston Chron)
  • You Can’t Call Yourself Progressive if You’re Fighting a Compact, Connected Austin (Austin Politics)
  • Transportation Accounts for 38% of San Antonio’s GHG Emissions, Based on Available Data (Rivard)
  • Despite $8m Susbsidy, Developer Pulls Back from Downtown Mixed-Use Tower (Rivard)
  • DMag Poll: With Bikes, and Now Scooters, How Do You Get Around Dallas?
  • Five Billion Dollars for “Flood Mitigation” Coming to Texas (ABJ)
  • 27 Drunk Driving Arrests Made in Houston This Holiday Weekend (Houston Chron)
  • Austin Increased Transit Access to Jobs by 9.8% Last Year, 22nd Place Overall in US (Streetsblog)
  • …Houston at 17th, Dallas is 20th, and San Antonio is 26th (University of Minnesota)
  • Austin Using Old Transit Money to Fund Potential Regional Transit Study… Possibly Leading to Rail (Austin Monitor)

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