Today’s Headlines

  • Texas Courts Reject SOS Lawsuit, Unnecessary SH45SW Toll Road Bulldozes Forward (Statesman)
  • HUGE Transpo Planning Changes: EPA Declares Bexar County in Non Attainment for Ozone (Rivard)
  • …Could Investing in Transit Provide a Fiscally Responsible Path to Sustainable Mobility?
  • Monday, July 23rd in Austin: TxDOT Civil Rights Division’s “ADA 28: Accessibility in Every Direction
  • Architect Don Leighton-Burwell Loses Fight for More Surface Level Parking in Central Austin (Monitor)
  • League City Prioritizing “Mobility” Means Infinite Highway Expansion and Maaaybe a Bike Trail (HPM)
  • Texas. Needs. More. Transit. Funding.

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