Today’s Headlines

  • Please Don’t Drive a Single Occupant Vehicle to theĀ SA Climate Action & Adaptation Open House
  • Kyle Shelton: Too Many Traffic Cops, Not Enough Safety [Opinion] (Houston Chron)
  • Commentator Argues Driving Death Machine is Only Place You Can Have Peace (Statesman)
  • Austin City Council Fails to Argue Endlessly When Approving Car Dependent Wealthy Enclaves (Monitor)
  • City, Dockless Mobility Companies Honing in on Rules (Movability)
  • Driverless Vans, Arlington’s Newest Ride, Will Soon Ferry Cowboys Fans to Stadium (Morning News)
  • City of Houston Walkable Places Emancipation Avenue Meeting, October 27
  • TXDOT Tells Denton That Widening From 2 to 6 Lanes Will Increase Safety, Reduce Congestion (WBAP)

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